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"Failure" (2005 EP)

1. Linger
2. Failure
3. Pendulate
4. Released
5. Breathe

1. Linger

I don't want to leave
You can't make me go
I won't let you grieve
Your stomach sink so low
I won't ever leave
You can't make me go
Pinacoline soaked permeated illusion
Rapacious twitchy repentant delusion
Break me into
Whatever you want to
Throw me to the wind
I will reform again
Do it, do it again and again without end
Blowing in the wind, fluttering down, close the lid

2. Failure

Green waves rippled from effect
From the blast of inward motion
The tides is out from defect
And the mass gets denser from lack of emotion
Can you see a future
Through the haze of the gusting winds
That threateb to obliterate all
With its mounting watery wall
To spurn the slime and wash anew
A surface so clean
Untextured green
Too late to turn back
And start out again
Complete total failure
With nothing we lack
Eventually thought we could have won
Fuck it all, this is it, we are done

3. Pendulate

Spotted eyes searching
Twisted minds contriving
Berampyre your thinking
Or fall like the procacious
With your back against the wall
YOu have so far to fall
Grasping at the dead air
Fight overwhelming viciousness
Turbulent and unfair
You struggle and lose consciousness
Your sterile seed is spread
They are the living dead
Pendulate the water
Bashing against the cleft
Cling to your life force
As it's beaten away slowly

4. Released

Caustic fluids dripping from the gills underneath
Give rise to the pilar and the shroud deep beneath
Moist from the dew caught in a web glistening
The reverberating grating filaments bristling
If better trained was I
No flower would die
With the fatehr's sigh
You are all destined to lie
Glossy unbroken and sleek, smooth space
Obcured naked spored fungals, sporidesmium

5. Breathe

Wait to breathe
I want to see
If you'll wait for me
Under the dying tree
I want to see you break
I want you to succcumb
How could you be so fake
Nowhere to take it from
How could you be so dumb
Struggle for your life
Why won't you let go
I will twist the knife
And watch your blood flow
Don't it feel good
Yes I knew you would
Look into my eyes
Never thought I could


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