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Promo 99

"Promo 99" (1999 Demo)

1. Supreme Lords Of Mankind
2. The Abyss Of The Chosen Ones
3. Walpurgisnacht
4. The Enochian Keys

1. Supreme Lords Of Mankind

Supreme Lords Of Mankind

Behold the minions of darkness
Subjects to the Three Relentless
Who rule their hellish stronghold
With terror and cruelty untold
Terror, invading your soul
Destruction, killing us all
Hatred, unleashing His rage
Three Brothers, of unknown age
Caught within dungeons of deep earth
Becoming demon through rebirth
The angel cripples a dark path
His wings torn off by Hatred 's wrath
Brethren put under a vile curse
Feasting upon sepulchral meals
The undoing of the universe
The bad omen Destruction seals
The Hidden planning intrusion
Nightmare that Terror shall fulfill
Anguish, edge of illusion
Fears of man made flesh by His will

Lyrics : Dirk Van Haesbroeck

2. The Abyss Of The Chosen Ones

The Abyss Of The Chosen Ones

On endless plains we stand
Facing the Land Of No Return
Glorious in battle once again
We watch the ride of the Valkyries
Cold winds blow towards the battle-field
The injured die in total devastation
With deepest contempt we look at them
No mercy for the weak is allowed
The dawn arises from beyond the horizon
As we start our journey towards our realm
In the hidden depths of a sinister land lies
The Abyss Of The Chosen Ones
Victorious we are
Nymphs of wrath set up their cries
Hymns of praise fill the dark catacombs
For we prooved worthy of our task

Lyrics : Kevin Van Staey

3. Walpurgisnacht


At The Dark And Mystic Feast
An Open Space In The Wood
All Enlightened By The Flames Of Candles
The Night Of Nights Starts To Howl
From All Corners Of The Region
The Pagans Came To Get Their Share
As The Ritual Starts They See
Entrails Ripped From A Newborn Sheep
The Mighty Screams Of An Enchanted Beast
The Folklore Dance Of The Witch Is Done
As The Happening Turned Into An Orgy
The Quenching Moonlight Starts The Day

Lyrics : Tom Cornelis

4. The Enochian Keys

The Enochian Keys

Mighty Guards of Fire
With two-edged swords flaming
Have set their feet in the West
They are measured by their ministers
These gather up the moss of the earth
As the rich man does his treasure
Millstoned eyes greater than the earth
From their mouths run seas of blood
Their brains are covered with diamonds
Upon their heads are marble stones
The Lord of Righteousness rejoices in them
Come away and leave your vials behind
The thunder of wrath slumbers in the North
In the likeness of an oak with dung-filled nests
Bring forth the legions of the army of hell
That the Lord of the Abyss may be magnified

Lyrics : Tom Cornelis


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