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Great Vengeance ..and Furious Anger

"Great Vengeance ..and Furious Anger" (2001 Demo)

1. Banished Mercy
2. Supreme Lords Of Mankind
3. Human Disintegration
4. Rapefruit
5. Ancient Battles
6. Halewyn

1. Banished Mercy

Banished Mercy

I can feel they show for me
Cause I am the violence itself
My eyes pointed straight at victim
I see his body going down
For years Iíve let them pick on me
Now we are gathered to fight back
Unity is needed for the victory
This fire of proud burns deep inside
I stand with an axe in my hand
Determined to crush his skull
His eyes with fear and agony
Stare at me and beg for mercy
I raise my weapon to the sky
As the butcher in me comes forth
The sense to chop is flooding me
The axe goes down and splits his brain
The wound is wide open
His blood flows down
His clothes coloured red
His shoes inside wet
The body crashes down on the ground
As darkness turns the red blood black
With my knife I scalp his face
His wet skin I use as hanky
Ripped out eyebowls I put in his mouth
Heís punished for his existence
I feel satisfied and free
In search for others the axe is clean

2. Supreme Lords Of Mankind

Supreme Lords Of Mankind

Behold the minions of darkness
Subjects to the Three Relentless
Who rule their hellish stronghold
With terror and cruelty untold
Terror, invading your soul
Destruction, killing us all
Hatred, unleashing His rage
Three Brothers, of unknown age
Caught within dungeons of deep earth
Becoming demon through rebirth
The angel cripples a dark path
His wings torn off by Hatred 's wrath
Brethren put under a vile curse
Feasting upon sepulchral meals
The undoing of the universe
The bad omen Destruction seals
The Hidden planning intrusion
Nightmare that Terror shall fulfill
Anguish, edge of illusion
Fears of man made flesh by His will

Lyrics : Dirk Van Haesbroeck

3. Human Disintegration

Human Disintegration

Behind the indented horizon beyond the mountainside
Deep into a valley banished from all the lively flora
The environ was deserted and left for cursed
One giant tree survived the horrors that once took place
His roots on which tinders grow form a circle round the trunk
The mighty branches and leaves reaching widely to the ground
The dark and close foliage prevents light to fall inside
The roof is covered with nests filled with scumming poisonous dung
Inside the infernal dome the smell of death is pungent
The eyed and rotting tinders spread a misty green fog
On the skullcovered vault floor disintegration is the trump
For no single human soul ever made it from this hell

Ardented tries of penetration all ended as fatal
The tinderís glow strikes back again no warrior survives the stench
No oxygen in their brain their bodies sink down one with the earth
Unknown how many lives were taken and how many more to go

Lyrics: Tom Cornelis

4. Rapefruit


I feel my hunger coming
Itís getting dark outside
My hands are starting to itch
I have to kill tonight
Iíll find my helpless victim
Just as the night before
Deserted subwaystation
Is my source for nameless
I lure the poor girl right into my house
My violent hands rip off her shabby clothes
I let my tongue caress her naked body
While my knife slowly cuts into her cunt
The naked corpse lies lifeless on the blooded table
The smell of death is spreading all around the room
The mutilated body shakes when I penetrate
Her cunt is wet with blood, my dick bores deep inside her
After fucking her over and over again
I take my axe to slash the corpse into pieces
I tap the blood and keep it in an iron barrel
The meat in cubes I put in the refrigerator
The cubes I sell as horsemeat
The blood I mix with fruit
My shop is making money
O god I love my job!!
The people eat my victims
The blood they drink as juice
I introduce a new brand:
And call it ďRapefruitĒ

Lyrics : Tom Cornelis

5. Ancient Battles

Ancient Battles

In the Dark Age
When the world was still ruled by hordes of wolves
And forests were haunted by demons and trolls
An army under the sign of the Horns stood up
To pure the world of the Holy Cross
Guided by stormwinds they sailed across the Poisoned Sea
Towards the land of the Christian enemy
After many nights had passed away
And the hate had grown stronger and stronger
They finally set foot on the hostile plains
To conquer
To kill
To destroy
To burn the enemies of Satan's Majestic Empire
In the darkness of the frosty night they could see
A gate of eternal fires protected by a christian army
For this gate was the one and only way
To enter the hiding place of Jesus Christ
And his filthy empire of hypocritical holiness

Lyrics : Kevin Van Staey

6. Halewyn


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