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Season For Assault

"Season For Assault" (2003)

1. What's Lost Is Tomorrow
2. Escape From Reality
3. For Religions to Suffer
4. Destined to Be Dead
5. Hatred Forever
6. Season for Assault
7. Chelsea Smile
8. The Abused
9. Disorder
10. Gutless
11. Hate Made Me

1. What's Lost Is Tomorrow

Suffocated with no way out
Caught in an eternal time frame
Desperate for a new connection
Reaching out I'm blinded
It seems to me I have no future
When what's lost is tomorrow
I've been ruled out I can't move forward
Never. ever again

Time. the time has come
To destroy. what's inside
The black in my mind
I can forsee
What's in your eyes
There's no time
Fuck it all

Victimised and strangled fuck this
Take away my exsistance
Punishment is what you're seeping
A new life for me it's over
Believe in this you will stand grieving
I'll snap your back for this shit
Once free I'll enjoy tourture
Forever. never again

It's not forgotten

Blood red. you'll gag
I'll rip your throat
Before you choke
And grind this dagger through your head

I breathe. I bleed. I see
Whats become of me
All these thoughts have bought
The evil out in me
I don't want to live
On this filthy ground
I just want to die. want to die.

Mutilated you crawl while bleeding
Revenge is so sweet. exhilarating
Dominated. crushed by my hate
Look into my eyes and beg got your life
Your arrogance has dissipated
Self appointed my blood lust cravings
Draw your last breath and see the passion
I smile your body is limp and lifeless.

2. Escape From Reality

The drugs are ruling. controlling. confusing
Don't want to be myself anymore
Can't escape from reality

I'll make my own decisions
Without distorted visions
Fighting for rebirth
In torture and toment driven
Last time I'm not forgiven
Imprisioned I blame myself

I am feeling what it has been doing to me
It is changing ican not find my ecstasy
Addicted I suffer lost
Broken I dry retch emotion
Addiction it feeds on us (let it rule)

I'll deceive you and I will lead you
Drag you down and force to feed you
Money's no issue just what I do
An industry of fake illusion

Here's the reason a taste of freedom
An open mind to stained delusion
I know it's new to you but I am telling you
You're searching for a different life

You'll make your own decision
Through distorted visions
Fighting for rebirth
In torture and toment driven
Last time you're not forgiven
Imprisioned you'lI blame yourself

Whats the meaning of what I'm needing
Cannot escape this life I'm leading
I reach to others but they despise me
I'm pushed aside with no one to turn to

Now I'm empty I'm done with dealing
I live alone but have no healing
Cut arms bleeding it's never ending
A pool of blood I'm descending

I'll make my own decisions
Without distorted visions
Fighting for rebirth
In torture and toment driven
Last time I'm not forgiven
Imprisioned I blame myself

3. For Religions to Suffer

People believe in their god to see
Corrupting others for their beliefs
Pathetic you're deluded by sin
Forged for death you suffer for him
You look up to god and beg to forgive
But your twisted heart forbids you to live
Your rigid knots of hate and shame
For your mistakes it's the others you blame

SHE WOULD'VE KILLED HIM (with an abortion)

Darkness entwines as you feel the pain
The cancer of life eats at your veins
A higher power for life you grasp
But unanswered prayers tear you like glass
You think he has power and rules the earth
Fighting for whores who created your birth
Your soul burns with twisted faith
For sexual sickness that god craves

4. Destined to Be Dead

Why must we die. life is a lie. there is no choice
Death is coming
For everyone. under the sun. slice life begun
Deaths been growing
Inside of us. so ominous. waiting to crush
The life in us
Struggle of life seems a waste of time
Death will soon be mine
Take my life away

Life has been past by my eyes

No matter what you accomplish. it means nothing
When you are dead
Meaning of life does not exsist. coincidence
That we are here
Death is the end of everything. no afterlife
Don't kid yourself
Eventually. dead you will be for eternity
Destined to be dead

Life has been past by my eyes

No certainty when death will be forced upon me
One thing's certain
Death will be here for all out there without a care
You with a death different from the rest
Unknown to the best
Do you wonder then death will come it won't be long
Short lives for us all

Life has been past by my eyes

5. Hatred Forever

Impossible for man
To live peacefully
In very era
Brutal wars are there to see


Religion the reason
For most who fight
Everyone hates everyone
They kill and think they're right


No way around this fate
Wo know whats to come
World peace remains extinct
Revival is long gone

No hope

Of living without threat
Of fearless lives
Of a world without anger
The future is confined

Anger is forever
Hatred is human

Deal with it
All civilization was built from hate
Can't live together
Accepting all
Kill if you disagree
The enemy must fall

We're just another time
Murder persists
One thing to count on
We know will always exsist


Will be here forever
It's mankinds way
Fury is an emotion
That is here to stay


6. Season for Assault

It's the season for bleeding
The season for eternal death
You were born for this reason
As I cut your lungs last breath

Overlooking I see your soul
I'll steal your thoughts
Consume your mind
Devouring. I'll fuck your brain
You can't hide from me don't run from me

I'll reach in and break your spine
Your ruptured organs feed the divine
He created your soul. your heart is mine
You can't hide from me dont run from me

The season for a lost life
Pleasure. virgins sacrifice
You'll break. it's the season for assault
The season for a lost life
Pleasure. virgins sacrifice
You'll break. it's the season for assault

I'll infect your soul with staples of hate
Don't try to save yourself from this it's too late
No-one can salvage you from your fate
You can't hide from me don't run from me

Desperate cries you scream in pain
Nobody hears you're led asstray
Broken and torn you'll obey
You can't hide from me don't run from me

7. Chelsea Smile

Economy the American dream
Deciecing the world it's vanity seen
Democratic a crook of shit
Bush is a cunt a puss filled cyst

Power. greed. currupt and sick
There's nothing but lies, scandal and shit
Western bliss the illusion persists
Political whores in betrayal exsist

A fucking clown a limp dick bitch
Propaganda the subtle twist
A Chelsea smile's what you need
A megalomanic on power you feed
Manipulate. desecrate. deviod of peace
There's too much hate
Putrid sewage is what you talk
You don't fool me with your media walk

Taken away. submit don't flinch
Your bones will break and you'll
Suffer the pain
Suffocating. dominating
Scream. choke. bleed and die

USA a convict state
An internal prison full of hate
Emasculate every race
Unaware they're all still slaves
Bureaucracy controls your fate
Subterfuge assassinates
Obvious it's a fucking lie
Crawl out of my ass and get a life

Faceless. hatred. no shame
Blood stains. no hope remains
Kill me

"Intelligence" Its what you preach
Nothing solved. its too out of reach
Desperate to catch your prey
But he'll live to kill again

8. The Abused

It's time to fight

Life is getting harder each day
And we try to get along
But theres always somebody out there
That keeps pushing us around
What else can we do
Lets take away their lives
And stick them with a knife

This may sound crude to you
But we have no other choice
All you need is the balls to do it
Then watch that person bleed
I don't ting they'll find
A better state of mind
Living is abuse
So what else can we do

Fuck them
We fucked them

Why don't we all think before
We do abusive things
Think of all the people we harm
Doesn't mean a thing
Total self control
Who gives a fuck at all
Just because you haven't been abused
You're surely not excused

9. Disorder

Dehuminated. brainwashed. desensitised
We rape the earth. contaminate the blind
Fuck you. fuck them evolve your fucking mind

Dysfunctional. deadly. degenerate
Exterminate everything you find
Fuck you. fuck them evolve your fucking mind

What do they do but tell us lies
About what the future holds
We can't accept. but we know the truth
Fuck them all

What we're stealing
We can't believe it
Society bleeds
We will heal it
Fate is sealed
Extinction's calling

10. Gutless

Your way of life amusing
Your choices seem wasted to me
What you choose at the bottom will keep you there with the obscene

Your strength is in numbers
Your weakness is yourself
To speak your opinion
Only amongst your crowd

Your gutless, never trusted
So gutless, your minds corrupted
Your thoughtless, guided by fools
So thoughtless, it means nothing to you

Do you give yourself a chance
Ir do you throw it away
You seem hopeless to me
Somethings will never change

Oblivious To all around you
Victims despise you helplessly
No way to change the ignorance
To take away that which you need

This weakness will follow
You through the rest of your days
Your lacking confidence
It shows in every way

You're acting like a fool
Whats the point in this
Rejected. sself inposed
You can't be yourself
No-one wants you now
Decieving all you know
Back stabbing friends to hell

Your life is going nowhere
Still you think you're better than me
You mock me. but all i hear
Is your self-indulgent mentality

You're going nowhere fast
You'll realise when it's too late
Set for you already
This mundane monotinous fate

11. Hate Made Me

You're gripping my hand not letting go of it
Why don't you leave me alone
Too bleed to death I'm nothing but trouble
Can't you understand that
My decision is made no-ones controlling it
The fear of life it's fucking worth dying
Even though its all in the head
I keep on wishing i was just dead

Pain is real
Misery i feel
Hate made me
I can not break free

This is my life in vain
All these lives I've changed
Rising above my loss
Leaving the things I've crossed

My decision is made you can't betray me
It's not worth living with things I've seen
I know you're trying to keep me sane
But the only thing I'm going insane
Never mind what's on my mind
I've been keeping it in far too long
Even though my life is a waste
There's lots of things I'm yet to taste


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