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Poison of Ages

"Poison of Ages" (2007)

1. Emancipate
2. Thumbs, Eye-Sockets, Love
3. We, the Termites
4. Exeunt
5. Crosses for Eyes
6. Pirates & Capitalists
7. The Great Western Cliff-hanger
8. For the Birds
9. Napalm Existence

1. Emancipate

Bitter semen, rotten and putrid
To hand down all imperfections
Cloned and shat upon
Rancid vomit upon the canvas
All the makings for a needed abortion
The time to sever the head is long overdue
To fell the family tree
To still your filth encrusted tongue
With axe in hand and blade in head
This will be your undoing
Be still your poisoned tongue
Bite and swallow
Spew forth wretched disease
And drown in your blood
Contrived by those depraved
Contracted and spread by fools
Cure yourself, for soon it will be you
The sheep among the wolves

2. Thumbs, Eye-Sockets, Love

I've got you in my sights you fucker
Your days are numbered and you're down to single digits
You've had your fun but the end is nigh
I can't sit idly by and watch my heart be devoured
So here's how it's gonna be
Your head in my hands
My thumbs versus the windows to your soulless existence
And we all know who'll be champion
With every breath I can muster
With every ounce of my love
I will squeeze the very life from you
Until all that remains is a sour taste and rainbowed skies
Bruises to smiles
So just remember
I'm marking the days from my calendar
And D-Day is almost here
This one is for my love
This one is for my life

3. We, the Termites

Parasitic frenzy, sanguinary
Our greatest legacy, a total fallacy
Steel to tissue, cut, repeat
Robotic mounds of flesh, blood and shit
We the termites
Wood to blood
Macabre tradition
We the termites
Wood to blood
Our infliction
Immeasurable misery
Devoured sentience
Rabid smiles, avert your eyes
To scared to face the consequence
Freedoms negated as jaws clench shut
Saline to soil, fallen to forgotten
Blood spilt in your absence still leaves a red stain on your hands
Mass immolation, for what purpose?
To dig graves (ours and theirs) with our teeth
The time will come when history will end
Quite a fitting reward for a job well done

4. Exeunt

There will be a time when there is too much to fit
So I will make room
Hammer in hand
As blood and bone fall away
Like rain upon the deepest ocean of nothing
The filth will drip from entry wounds
To turn to mush upon the floor
With eyes shut tight as I make silent apologies
I reflect on black hours and skull in hands
As the gold falls into the abyss
So will the red
And I will crawl beneath the soil to understand
My gift to you
Just make sure to follow my lead

5. Crosses for Eyes

Heads buried within the clouds, sickening white
Rotting corpses at your feet
Maggot infested
Devouring greyed out dreams, forgotten
Devolving into this nightmare reality
But the dead shall rise from the sea of excrement in which they dwell
To claw at your feet
Scraping tender flesh from polished bone
To awaken as you descend
To fall to join their ranks
Screams to choke
As the filth fills your lungs
Incision and
Separate eye lid from face
Now you can see
But it's still too late
Those below will dismember
And pluck your averting eyes from your once crowned skull
Throw your remains on the heap
Just another body in the pile of the benighted

6. Pirates & Capitalists

Like a drunken crew on a sinking ship
We are ill fated and at fault
Trampling our bretheren
In a self induced stupor of selfishness
Panicked and narcissistic
Plump faces stricken with terror
Regrets bite like salt in fresh wounds
Foretold, mocked and ignored
Never has a punishment been so deserved
As the waves lap at your feet
And your breath turns to gaps
A million "I told you so's" will weigh upon your shoulders
As the spite drips from my tongue
I will curse your very existence
As the water fills my lungs
I shall reflect on all
A civilisation founded on dead consciences and hearts to match
The anger seeps from me into the black
Sadness consumes as I try to forget
And I will drift beneath the darkness
Finally accpeting the fate you have decided for us all
And mother earth will lay her head down for the last time
Exhausted and defeated
This is the end

7. The Great Western Cliff-hanger

Diamond white versus charcoal black
A thousand faceless souls worth less than one soulless face
This is our daily standard
And it makes me sick to my stomach
Forgetting all we have learnt
This is a new dawn
The birth of things to come
Something has got to give and I think this time it should be you
As you sit there mouth agape
Shocked by this pixelated distant reality
The press of a button to erase them all
The fecal pacifier in the mouth of a drooling infant
I won't swallow this shit
Mere dollars for the fortune teller
To tell them they are worthless
But given the chance
For less I will give them a gun and your signed confession
Uh oh, looks like you are shit out of luck

8. For the Birds

To close my eyes
Reduce you to black
Nothing more than an insignificant shadow among the vultures
I will walk away
And take with me everything you will never understand
For this belongs to me
And my time for sharing is through
Your words have cut deep for the last time
And mine will fall on deaf ears no longer
With a line drawn in the sand
Those differences they divide
One the one side, all the hope in the world
The other, putrid flesh and yellowed bones
I tire of forgiveness
And I am sickened by regrets
So this is your fate
My silhouette will shrink and fade against the horizon
As the birds begin to devour your already rotten carcass
I will smile and laugh and dance and sing for the first time in years
Joyful as I hear your muted cries in the distance

9. Napalm Existence

This is my promise to you
The broken, who bleeds silently, outlined in sickly red
Their masters, with glazed eyes and numb hands
When skies fall, burning with disease
To eradicate
And reverse the error of everything
This fucking mess
I shall smile
As the flesh drips from my face I will be laughing
Laughing at my reflection
And at this misfortune undone
This is your plague
I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I will


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