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Breed The Pain

"Breed The Pain" (2004)

1. Perpetual Torment
2. Breed the Pain
3. I Live My Death
4. Mentally Castrated
5. Altar of Obscenity
6. Human Abattoir
7. Brutal Revenge
8. The Punishment Within
9. Genetic Treason

1. Perpetual Torment

Domination of the weak
Fed through perpetual greed
An alluring mask hides true intent
A lie so beautiful, so well designed
It now has itís own life
Weíre all now part of the plan
A plastic society of well trained dogs
Farm animals vacant and blank

Youíll be there watching
Trapped on the other side
Caged in perpetual torment
Burn with hatred for your kind

So shallow, so naïve
I own you, you self-fulfilling fuck
A shot to head is all Iíll share
A well played part, your act of caring

Nothing: what you felt, what you changed
Who you helped, is what youíve become
A cheap taste of humanity
The threads of shame, weíre all to blame
I am willing to die to take you out
A fear beyond all will fill every cell
No forgiveness, no compromise
Welcome to death, a new personal hell

I own you, you self-fulfilling fuck
I am willing to die to take you out

Catatonic, weak and under siege
Forced to devour a twisted history
Bound, blind, paranoid, unclean
Scrape to your grave from a life of ignorance
Malignant cancer, the human genetic pool
Like a virus it spreads, feeding, eating thoughts
The money machine, the human god
It has no remorse, youíve been raped of all

2. Breed the Pain

You bleed from your eyes, want to end your life
The things that you try, make it stronger
You scream in pain, hate intensifies
The sickness you hear, comes from inside

The birth of chaos
Revenge through slaughter

The emptiness will haunt you,
Iíll fill the void inside
In darkness and hatred, imprisoned, your soul is mine

Spitting acid from itís mouth, corrodes your heart
Inside you burn alive
There is nothing you can try
No salvation, mutilation
Breath of the beast scorches skin, eating flesh
Harvesting the dead
The Anti-Christ will rise
One thousand years to breed this pain

Cast down to earth, the adversary
Beast of hell, bleed this faith
A plastic idol made by man
Desperate for vision we search in vain

The death of Christ is mine, machination
The mark of the beast etched in scars
Persecute Godís child

3. I Live My Death

Alone in darkness, born in hell
Invisible walls, the mind is bound
Entombed in my body, I live my death

Living in a world of non-reality
Decapitated, soulless stare
Comatose, the walking dead
Day by day weíre dying
In pain we crawl to death
Vicious, greedy, seething hate
Ensnared, a dark-hearted fate

An eye of scorn, the sardonic grin
Let hate breed war, revenge begins
An eye of scorn, the sardonic grin
Let hate breed war, let revenge begins

A silent sickness, death unseen
An ignorant choice, believe me youíll bleed
The loss of loved ones, soul will scream
Until then on ego youíll feed

4. Mentally Castrated

Following blindly with deadpan eyes
Government playthings, no resistance
Human lab rats tested everyday
Poisons in the water, air and earth
Imprisoned willingly, what existence?
Been told what to do, how to live your life
Walk the straight and narrow
Get fucked you cunts and die

Their constant surveillance, prying eyes, you live in fear
Contemplate the choices, are you suffering? Enduring?
Losing grip, a false hope, insanity embraces
Mentally castrated, mentally castrated

Our fate is in our own hands no one elseís
Donít ever let anyone tell us
You canít! You wonít! You never will!
Forced to learn what they want you to believe
Step outside the square
And use your fucking head

Slavery, captive in this world of judgement
Prejudice, pre-conceived opinions of liars
Donít give in to tergiversation
Turncoats never make a nation
Desperate to prove your worth to others
Who gives a fuck what people think?
Be yourself, just be yourself!

5. Altar of Obscenity

Incestuous whores of Jesus
Fathers fucking their daughters
Brides of Christ, gag on the cum of impurity
Deviant hypocrisy infects the brain
Sadistic rape, a catholic dream to violate
A ritual sickness in Godís name
The putrid stench of religion

The war is coming
Vengeance seeking

Rise above the filth and decimate
Malformed at birth, rotting foetus
Assimilate or terminate
Carnal desire, freedomís skin flayed
Godís vengeance, desire for violence

Mindless fuckís the destiny church
Racial hatred, assembly line of fear
Corporate whore, driven by greed
Religious monopoly controls the game

Camouflaged lies toxic to the core
Contorted minds give birth to insanity
A false idol, the American lie
Preaching venomous cunting lies

6. Human Abattoir

Brutality, dislocate from the brain
Ordered to die by political puppets
Who purge their hate, driven by greed
Ritual insanity, distort the truth, suffocate dreams
Delude the youth, the war machine
Gorges itself on flesh and blood

Itís torture to live a life so traumatised
Eyes burning, running blind
Rivers of blood stain my mind

Choke on the smoke and burning flesh
It rots my mind
Crave it, rape it, slay it, burn it
Justified genocide
Go choke on the smoke and burning flesh
It rots my mind
Justified genocide

Indoctrinated conscripts
Enslaved disposable meat, a human abattoir
Slaughtered for deluded dictators
Genetic bonds, enforced incest
A tribal pride, cannibalistic mentality

Forced to remember what weíre desperate to forget
Humiliate, blatant crimes
Wishing we had died

Dismembered corpses, trash named worthless
Political meat, incite, coerce us
An industry game, illusion well played
They warm their hands on embers of children

The media machine it shines and gleams
Distort the truth, hypnotise your brain
Censored, controlled, terrified
The truth raped, oppressed still fight

Open your mind, become self-aware
Itís happening now, the sickness lives
Cycle of hate perpetuates casualties of war
Annihilate the pain, defy the filth and noxious lies
Flaccid, weak, youíll crawl and die

7. Brutal Revenge

Theyíve had it coming for so long
Not indispensable, not untouchable
This world doesnít who they are, what they are
Iíve had e-fucking-nough
Theyíve driven me to this
They shouldíve stayed away
Now they will pay

With this one shot
I can change so many lives
I see no victims only obstacles

I will be remembered, not them
All will know my name but never understand
I know I will be despised, but my hate runs stronger

So I continue to hunt and kill
Never a greater weapon unleashed
I bring them hell on earth
Show them what fear really is
Soon they will all be dead
And no one cares but me
Extreme vengeance fills my head
Soon for all to see

Ignored, cast out, labelled worthless
I will have my brutal revenge
Ignored, cast out, betrayed again
You will feel my brutal revenge
Never cross me, never betray
Our paths will cross, and yours will end

A hunter being hunted
Enforcers chasing carnage
For now Iím a step ahead
Staining streets with blood
I know my time will end
But I am one, my trophies many
Until then Iíll stalk the streets
Taking lives of those not worthy

8. The Punishment Within

My soulís burning, immortal death
Screaming inside
Demonic possession, somethingís within
Taking my life away

Fear me! Demon of lies
Iím seeing your world through your eyes
I control your mind, control your life
Lashing out with mindless violence

Visions of hell, thoughts in my head
What the fuck is wrong?
I can feel the evil, hate inside
Canít stop the surging power

Youíll kill for me, I need the blood
A pawn in this game of hate
Soulless chamber in a godless world
Where is he now? Your faith is lost
I can feel your fear, it feeds me well
Soulless chamber, godless world

Visions of hell, thoughts in my head
What the fuck is wrong?
I can feel the evil, hate inside
Canít stop the surging power
My vision clears, begin to understand
Standing over the body, the axe in my hand
Arms covered, stained with life
Memory is lost, realization strikes

Youíll kill for me, I need the blood
A pawn in this game of hate
I can feel your fear, it feeds me well
Soulless chamber, godless world
Blistering skin, cracking of bone
Eyes burning, body changing form
Last thoughts of humanity, trying to win free
But hell is taking over now
Submit your soul to me

Soul burning, immortal death
Demonic possession, taking my life away

9. Genetic Treason

Civilization, bane of mankind
The old ways disappear, they always disappear
Clans and tribes moulded together, integration
Creating cities of filth
Earth is scarred, festering wounds
Humans breeding, changing, fading
A ruined world left to rot
Commune of genetic treason

No more living with the land, dominate, tame, abuse
Livestock put on death row, humanity let loose
Unnatural nature, genetic treason
Evolution in the devilís playground

Architects design with no aesthetics
Cadaverous structures, dominate landscapes
Diplomacy shot to pieces over unclaimed land
Performing C-sections, festering wounds on mother earth
Dissection of trust, unlawful judgement
Victims fisted by perverted hand of justice
Freedoms removed, controlling the masses
All rights revoked, restraining movement

Provoking the crowds, anger heightens
Freedom of speech no longer applies
Speak your voice, oppression feeding
Optimistic views discouraged


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