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Dark Embrace

"Dark Embrace" (2002 Demo)

1. Dark Embrace
2. In My Memories
3. Just Winter
4. Hands on Thorns
5. Cold, Dark, Empty

1. Dark Embrace

Midnight wrap me within your dark embrace.
Let the light of the moon comfort me.
Deep within silence, i'm at ease in a grave yard.
Nothing but the dead within the earth.

I light a candle to light my way.
Put red roses on my loved ones grave.
A sent of incense in the air,
letting them know that I care.

I walk the beaten paths,
in my deep thoughts.
I wonder if they are there,
right beside me as I walk this night?
Wind blows a creepy tune,
Sending chills up my spine.
In the blackest of clothes,
as if i'm in mourning.

If you look within you'll see a beating heart.
If you ask why i'm always blackend,
I'll say this is me, who I am.
I dwell within the dark to hide from you all.

I cry deep inside for those who are now gone.
I keep those people in my memory.
I gain more than my true idenity,
but this is a part of me and my personality.

I see a figure, his arms reach for me.
Across the veil of night.
Pulling me tight against him.

2. In My Memories

Darkness silences us without words.
Emptiness is a comfort I can no longer afford.
Loneliness comes to us when we need it most.
Yet i hate every moment of it.

Rain falls as tears run down my face,
just know you'll be missed and never replaced.
You remain in my memories and in my heart.
Why did they take your life away?

Every morning I wake up I feel nothing inside.
Every night i sleep i have hurt inside.
Yet nothing i do can make it go away.
Sorrow haunts me deep within my soul.

You try to pick up the pieces and move on,
when it's someone close it's hard.
I visit you in my dreams everynight.
I place a rose on your grave when i can.

3. Just Winter

I feel coldness creeping in,
a sudden deathly chill.
Frozen is the earth,
so in this state I just stay still.

Snow covers the ground,
the forest at a stand still.
Silence is the earth,
An emtiness sinks within.

Dead is the trees,
grey is the sky.
To me this is death,
The rest is just winter.

Let me see the fullmoon,
to set my heart free.
Chill slays within,
Until the light shines through.
Cold breeze,
turn me blue.
Cold and freezing,
but this is what winter will do.

4. Hands on Thorns

I cut my hands on thorns,
as you stood there and watched.
Blood running from my hands down my fingers,
yet you do nothing, but fucking stare!

I've gotten your attention,
but gotten no respect.
You don't talk to me,
now you no longer look at me.

I've fallen to my knees,
begging for all your apologies.
No, you turn your back towards me,
what did i do to deserve this?

Blood has now stopped flowing.
My hands-now scabing.
Hanging on the roses.
Thorn digging into my flesh,
Causing the scabs to bleed.

I've sunk down so low,
only myself would know.
My troubles haunt me everyday,
My problems never subside.

5. Cold, Dark, Empty


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