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The Dewey Decibel System

Album: ''The Dewey Decibel System'' (1997 Single)
1. J.R.R. Tolkien
2. Jules Verne
3. H.P. Lovecraft
4. Michael Moorcock
5. Robert E. Howard
6. John Brunner
7. Frank Herbert

New World Hors D

Album: ''New World Hors D'oeuvres'' (1997 Split album)
1. Michael Moorcock

Hooked On Demonics

Album: ''Hooked On Demonics'' (1998 Demo)
1. Ray Bradbury
2. Edgar Rice Burroughs
3. Philip K. Dick
4. Harlan Ellison
5. Robert A. Heinlein
6. Jules Verne

Gorgeous Ladies Of Writing

Album: ''Gorgeous Ladies Of Writing'' (2000 Single)
1. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
2. Andre Norton
3. Ursula K. LeGuin
4. Marion Zimmer Bradley
5. Joanna Russ
6. James Tiptree Jr.

Necrotic Bibliophilia

Album: ''Necrotic Bibliophilia'' (2001)
1. Frank Belknap Long
2. Isaac Asimov
3. Alfred Bester
4. Arthur C. Clarke
5. Ray Bradbury
6. Octavia E. Butler
7. Samuel R. Delaney
8. Kenneth Robeson
9. Roger Zelazny
10. William Gibson
11. Neal Stephenson
12. Jules Verne
13. H.G. Wells
14. Michael Moorcock
15. J.R.R. Tolkien


BlöödHag are a death metal band from the United States. The group started off performing songs about science fiction authors, but has since spread out into songs about authors from all walks of literature. They consider themselves pioneers of the form "edu-core". BlöödHag is noted for throwing books at their audience as a way of directly promoting literature (the faster you go deaf, the more time you have to read). The name BlöödHag parodies the use of the heavy metal umlaut.

True to death metal form, the lyrics to BlöödHag's minute-long songs are indecipherable, as they are sung in a guttural roar. For that reason, BlöödHag albums have always included printed lyrics. Although BlöödHag are noted for their tongue-in-cheek style, interviews have revealed the band to be literate and their songs factual in regard to the authors depicted.

BlöödHag has embarked on tours of libraries in Pacific Northwest, as well as playing more traditional music venues. The band played at the 2004 Nebula Awards in Seattle, Washington.

In keeping with the literary theme, the band has conferred upon themselves both academic titles and bibliographic histories:
* Dr. J.M. McNulty (aka Deus Ex Libris the Plagiarazor), guitar
* Professor J. B. Stratton (aka Grimoire the Expectorator), vocals
* Sir Zachery Orgel (aka Logos the Rythmaticist), bass
* Ambassador Brent Carpenter (aka Codex 23 the Chronomaster), drums



United States of America (Seattle, Washington), formed in 1997

Rock N Role Play


Jake Stratton - vocals
Zach Orgel - bass
Jeff McNulty - guitar
Brent Carpenter - drums

Rodd Karp - drums


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